EMBARK amplifies music as a service

EMBARK Distribution provides bespoke marketing and career development solutions to qualified artists who need more than digital distribution.

EMBARK is open to work with all genre’s and creators, offering a comprehensive suite of automated delivery, accounting, business intelligence, and promotional services.

Music Services

Promotional Services

"For years I had less than 20 listeners; when I signed to work with EMBARK, within 3 weeks I amassed over 500 monthly listeners."

Ready to launch?

EMBARK Distribution’s business model revolves around artist development and digital publishing. That’s why we offer 5 levels of service to meet the needs of creators at any stage of their career.

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Tonia Champagne
VP - New Jersey
Martin Christie
VP - Southeast
Patricia Youmans
VP - Quartet Division
Eric Morse
VP - Louisiana
Lewis Yeadon
VP - Business Affairs
Danette Elkins
VP - Midwest Division
Emmanuel Neequaye
VP - South Africa Division
Paulette Wright
Artist Recruiter
Josh Vallaire
Artist Development
Cassandra Webb
VP - Central Division
Stanshaw Cornelius
VP - Caribbean Islands
Tracy Woodall
VP - New York
Sam Stewart
VP - West Division
Kaseem Dawkins
VP - Digital Creator
Samuel Randle
Regional Director of Midwest (Hip Hop/R&B)
Christine Barnes
Michelle Glanton
Marketing Coordinator